Gupta Panipuri is a vendor that wants to digitalize its store and build a web presence. We have helped them rank Number #1 on Google. which helps them get more orders from their website.

As per their Requirement, we have built an online food ordering system that only takes orders from a particular postcode. And help them charge for delivery as per the distance from their store.

We have designed their logo which includes mint which is the main ingredient of Panipuri (Water balls). we have stylized the font to make a perfect impression on people’s mind and give the feeling of professionalism.

Gupta Panipuri

We have designed this website so that they can give orders as fast as they want. we have designed a complete food ordering system that allows the manager of the store to accept the order in real-time if they are available for them to deliver.

Web Design


Release Date

November 2020


Web Design &